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The Willows offers a truly unique wedding venue, perfect for even the most demandingly elegant event. We’re proud to say our happy couples have loved their experiences at The Willows. From fabulous outdoor weddings to charming, magical events and indoor wedding receptions, we’ve played a part in successful ceremonies of all kinds.

We’ve enjoyed our privileged role in helping our wedding parties have a wonderful experience. We make every effort to ensure flawless, perfect facilities, menus and services.

If you’re at the planning stage of your wedding or another event, give us a call. Browse our photo gallery and see what’s so special about The Willows. Explore the willow trees that gave us our name and, of course, the beautiful weddings we’ve hosted over the years. 


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Important Things To Consider When Planning Your Same-Sex Wedding
  There are many important factors to consider when planning your sex-same wedding. To begin, you need to take into account the location where you'll be having the event and the amount of people you'll be hosting. As with any wedding, it's necessary... Read more...

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